Cayman Creperie
Photo: Cayman Creperie

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Cayman Creperie


Free delivery from Seven Mile Beach to South Sound

delivery iconDelivery delivery iconTakeout/Curbside

delivery iconMon to Sun: 10:30am - 8:30pm

delivery iconAll areas

Sweet & Savoury Crêpes. Sandwiches. Cafe and more.

Online menu:


Lucky Slice Monday Special


Lucky Slice Pizza Tuesday Special


Lucky Slice Wednesday Special


Lucky Slice Thursday Special


Cayman Creperie Friday Special


Mojo Gastro Pub Saturday Special

  • Monday:
    • 2x any 12″ pizza
    • 2-4-1 12″ vegan pizza
  • Tuesday: 30% off 1 topping pizza (like pepperoni)
  • Wednesday: 40% off vegan pizza
  • Thursday:
    • 2-4-1 burger
    • Vegan burger 2-4-1
  • Friday: 2-4-1 crepes
  • Saturday:
    • 2-4-1 sushi
    • 2-4-1 vegan sushi
  • Sunday: 2-4-1 steak
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