About us

Cityplugged is a platform where customers can explore Cayman’s best products, services and experiences and local businesses can expand and innovate their method of attracting customers whilst increasing their sales and brand exposure.

By being the bridge that connects merchants to customers, Cityplugged’s goal is to form strong, loyal and long-lasting relationships between our local businesses and our diverse group of customers that we have here in Cayman. These relationships will help us build a stronger, innovative and most importantly collaborative community.

We have seen the world shift drastically since 2020, the old methods and habits will no longer be sufficient in order to truly strive in today’s new economy. At Cityplugged we believe in innovation and collaboration and we want to support our local businesses by helping them expand their local reach and bring in new customers.

If you would like to be a part of our collaborative community please contact us: contact@citypluggedcayman.com

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