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Your data is yours!

At Cityplugged, we have the utmost respect for your concerns about privacy and value the relationship we have with our users.

Like most websites, Cityplugged uses technology to collect information that helps us enhance your experience and the services we provide. The Cookies that we use allow our website to work and help us understand what information is searched by our visitors.

Please, do take a moment to familiarize yourself with our Cookie Policy and let us know if you have any questions by sending us e-mail, or submitting a request in our Contact information.

All of the personal data provided (by subscribing to Cityplugged’s newsletters), or collected by Cityplugged, plus other tracking technologies, are controlled by the website and providers of our web page services.

By using our website you are consenting to our use cookies in accordance with this Cookie Notice and our Privacy Notice.

Being that cookies are files containing small amounts of information downloaded to any internet-enabled device when you visit a website, it’s safe to say: our use of Cookies is very basic, used only to measure the website’s statistics and to improve the user’s experience by delivering information related to their visits.

First Party Cookies are applied, which are only set or retrieved by the website while you are visiting it. These are used within the specific means of measuring the website’s traffic and the users’ choices in our page. These specific cookies cannot be used to track activity or pass data from one site to another. However, Cityplugged can change how the website appears to the user or the information the web page displays, through the collection of data provided by First Party Cookies.

Session Cookies are also used in Cityplugged. They are only stored temporarily in the browser’s memory and are destroyed when it is closed; although, they will survive as they are transferred from the website they came from.

Most desktop browsers allow you to see the list of cookies that have been set. They are normally listed by the host domain values. If the user decides to subscribe to Cityplugged’s Newsletters, their email address and name won’t be sold, provided or loaned to any third party.

To clarify any further doubts you might have about our Cookie Policy, please contact us at:


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