Harvest Dinner with Joel Walton

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Harvest Dinner with Joel Walton

Thu Nov 12 > 9:00pm - 12:00am

Event venueThe Brasserie

Event price $90 CI

Harvest Dinner with Joel Walton
It’s the highlight of the month! Our unique Harvest Dinner Series returns in November to officially celebrate the start of Cayman’s Harvest Season.
We’ll be teaming up with Joel Walton of Plantation House to bring you a family-style feast under the stars, seated on smaller tables amongst the lush edible greenery in our organic garden.
Tickets are $90 and will be limited to a smaller number to ensure there is plenty of space for people.


Food • Harvest Dinner • Healthy

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Tel: 945 1815


The venue

The Brasserie
A must-visit for organic foodies who desire a unique experience. As one of the most veggie-friendly places in the Caymans, you'll relish your dishes in the middle of a live garden with fruit and nut trees. The Brasserie is the pioneer of the farm-to-table movement, producing their own products such as Raw Honey or Organic Eggs. They can be purchased at the Brasserie Market.


Cricket Square
George Town


+1 (345) 945-1814






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