Fluid Art Serving Tray w/ Gale Tibbetts - a DIY workshop

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Fluid Art Serving Tray w/ Gale Tibbetts – a DIY workshop

Sat Oct 24 > 8:30pm - 11:30pm

Event venueCamana Bay

Event price $65 CI

Fluid Art Serving Tray w/ Gale Tibbetts - a DIY workshop
Join us Saturday, October 24th @ 6:30pm as we create this fun and colorful wooden piece to your home decor.
In this workshop, our guest instructor, Gale Tibbetts (who is well versed in fluid and resin art) will guide you step-by-step in recreating this functional serving tray, with a gorgeous abstract fluid-art embellishment.
All wooden trays will be precut for you, so all you have to do is customize with you choice of paint colors, and once dry, attach all hardware (handles)
KYD$65 per person and include –
• wooden tray & hardware
• paints and pouring mediums
• art instruction by Gale Tibbetts
• tools (torches for creating cells in the paint, etc)
• a yummy charcuterie spread
• complimentary beverages
Register online at www.karajulianart.com (under the upcoming events tab)
You will leave at the end of the session with a unique recreation of our fluid-art, functional and decorative piece, after enjoying a fun, upbeat session of “creative play”.
NOTE: This particular session is suitable for ages 15 – 96. Budding artists as young as 12 years old, are welcome once accompanied by an adult


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