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Top 10 Veggie/Vegan Restaurants in the Cayman Islands

All of the vegan food and service industry from Grand Cayman take advantage of one of the greatest gifts of the islands: the fresh local ingredients

By Ewan McGordon | Updated: 14 November 2019

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Island Naturals Cayman Islands
Islands Naturals
VIVO restaurant Cayman Islands
Courtesy of VIVO


West Bay

VIVO is exclusively dedicated to the use of ONLY fresh and organic local produce. They also serve a wide selection of organic wines, spirits and craft beer, local fruit, vegetable juices, organic coffee, tea and herbal infusions, which are top rated worldwide. All diners can enjoy the stunning North West Point ocean views while eating. The menu is gluten-free with many dairy-free options. The place to be if you´re a hardcore vegan with excellent taste. [Go to VIVO]

Courtesy of Bread and Chocolate Vegan Bistro.

Bread and Chocolate

George Town

This place is the best example to prove wrong those who hold the opinion that veggie food lacks a strong flavour. It is a modern bistro that fabricates in-house most of their products: bread, pastries, cheese, housemade sauces (try the Pepper Sauce!), desserts, juices, organic ice creams. Bread and Chocolate is a restaurant, a café, and a bakery; serving breakfast and lunch every day. They have recently upgraded their services by serving dinner, organic beer and wine. [Go to Bread and Chocolate]

Courtesy of The Brasserie

The Brasserie

George Town

Probably the most elaborated vegan spot in the Caymans. In their backyard, you can actually peek at the vegetable and herb garden that supplies the kitchen with daily ingredients. There are also fruit trees like banana or coconut. Their fish is the freshest you can find on Grand Cayman, keeping exclusive fishermen on their payroll that provide the best catches of the day. It is because of this raw freshness that the menú needs to change in every season. For a lot of veggies, The Brasserie the healthiest choice of them all. Even their takeout containers are made from organic corn, bamboo or sugar cane. [Go to The Brasserie]

Courtesy of Full of Beans Cafe

Full of Beans Cafe

George Town

Full of Beans is a friendly and straightforward approach to the vegan experience. They make their own signature Cayman Coffee. Daily specials are sugar-free, healthy and vegetarian; as well as BBQ Pork, Turkey Paninis, incredible Salads, Wraps and Quiches. The locals love their breakfast menu: Ackee and Saltfish, or the Smoked Salmon with Eggs Benedict. You can have beers, wine, or their amazing smoothies, a Frappuccino or their famous Expresso Martini. [Go to Full of Beans Cafe]

Fresh Kitchen & Coffee Cayman Islands
Courtesy of Fresh Kitchen & Coffee

Fresh Kitchen and Coffee

Seven Mile Beach

Known for their great breakfasts, such as the Avocado Toast, Acai Bowls and their famous Breakfast Wraps, and their signature roasted coffee; arguably, the best coffee you can find on the island. A lot of variety and vegan options are available as well. Fresh Kitchen and Coffee serves lunch and dinner, being the most popular orders the Sandwiches, Rice Bowls and Fresh Salads. Enjoy! [Go to Fresh Kitchen and Coffee]

Courtesy of Ristorante Papagallo

Ristorante Papagallo

West Bay

A superb experience. Papagallo is an Italian restaurant with highly personable attention. Almost all of the meat dishes have a veggie version of it. If you have any dietary needs or allergies, they will check up on it (even make a call to a doctor for guidance) and give you some more options to dine to. Also, they will modify the plate to be gluten or dairy-free (now, this is as comprehensive as you can get!) Recommendations are to try the Red Snapper Ceviche, Lemon Tagatelli and the Lemoncello Pasta. They also specialise in Lamb or Lobster. Superb! [Go to Ristorante Papagallo]

Photo courtesy of Island Naturals

Island Naturals Cafe

Seven Mile Beach

Known for its gluten-free banana bread, Island Naturals Cafe offer very seasonally and flavourful sustaining veggie dishes. They aim to please everybody’s taste, so the menú is pretty varied. All is cooked with fresh and raw ingredients. Juices, smoothies and baked goods are also available. Their hot soups deserve special attention! Most of their clientele like to order takeout, especially in dinner time before they go home. [Go to Island Naturals Cafe]

Courtesy of Kaibo Upstairs

Upstairs Restaurant

Rum Point

A more formal approach of a Veggie establishment in the form of a gourmet restaurant like any other. Caribbean and seafood oriented, but with a very vegan conscious mindset. They display lots of choices for the veggie foodie who likes its food completely gluten-free and fresh. One of the main attractions is the gorgeous view you can see from the terrace, where you can also sit or have a romantic dinner. Very private, essential and elegant. The bar is completely stacked with a rich inventory. Upstairs Restaurant

Courtesy of XQ’S

XQ’s Pizza Bar and Grill

Seven Mile Beach

A real original place for the whole family. An Italian restaurant and international cuisine veggie spot. A beautiful restaurant to have drinks with friends and listen to live music. Their entrees are a favourite (the Brie & Garlic appetisers); they serve lots of pizza options, one of the most recommended being the Spinach Ricotta White Pizza. All pizzas are big and filled with delicious toppings for your choosing. Also, you have to try the Calamari and the Truffle Pizza. Their most popular dessert is the Upside Down Apple Pie, made from scratch while you wait. Fresh, like everything here. [Go to XQ’S Pizza Bar and Grill]

Courtesy of Edoardo’s

Edoardo’s (Special Mention)

Seven Mile Beach

While Edoardo’s menu isn’t vegan in its entirety, it presents several options for vegetarians. Often, while travelling with a diverse crowd, vegetarians and meat-eaters always have to part ways at the moment they choose a place to have dinner in. Edoardo’s is a perfect place to maintain that balance and dine all together: an Italian restaurant in the hottest spot of Grand Cayman. They make their own pasta and bread and their homemade tomato sauce is of the charts! Specialised in seafood pasta, their best veggie Italian plate is the Lasagna Eggplant. This is a spot that vegetarian foodies need to consider when being on a trip with family, friends or big groups. Edoardo’s

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