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Top 10 Shore Excursions for Cruise Passengers

  • Also known as “Day Cruise Activities”; these are short tours made specifically for Caribbean Cruise Passengers, who may not dispose of all the time in the world to concentrate on every activity the Islands offer.
  • Some of them offer merely a fun time; others may provide a more spiritual or contemplating experience; or a mix of both. Take your time to select the Shore Excursion that suits you the most. 

By Paul Curtice | Updated: 22 April 2019

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Action Watersports Cayman Islands
Courtesy of Action Watersports
Paradise Sailing and Snorkeling Cayman Islands
Courtesy of Paradise Sailing and Snorkeling


George Town / Camana Bay

It could be a private tour, or with a party of fellow tourists. This company offers sailing trips on its 44′ Sailboat Catamaran, and it’s a perfect choice for the cruise passenger who wants to witness a bigger picture of the Caymans. You can cruise through the entire Islands’ points of interest, and have a go at some snorkelling experiences and wonder at the Marine life. Select the Stingray City and Sand Bar tour (a favourite amongst travellers) and interact with the (harmless) Stingrays. At the end of it all, Paradise Sailing may include a romantic sunset sail just for you and your loved ones. Paradise Sailing and Snorkeling

Action Watersports Cayman Islands
Courtesy of Action Watersports

Jet Ski to Stingray City & Coral Reef Snorkel Safari Excursion

This tour is extremely popular and offered by many companies in the Cayman Islands. Usually, they convene and meet very close to the cruise ship terminals in Grand Cayman. Some companies like to operate this tour in small groups only, and we believe this is the best way to go. You will quickly learn (operational use and safety issues) to use your Jet Ski wave runner. Afterwards, follow your instructor to Stingray City where you will arrive in your Jet Ski. Jump in the water and stand on the Sandbar (about 3 feet of water) and swim with the Stingrays; touch them, feed them and take photos with them. The party will then motor on to a nearby coral reef for an incredible snorkelling excursion. It’s a family must do. There are also single or double seat options available for the Jet skis. Here are some companies that offer this service: Action Watersports | Ebanks Watersports

George Town Cayman Islands
Image by Hans Schwarzkopf from Pixabay

City Sightseeing and Seven Mile Beach Break Excursion

This always includes a pick-up at the cruise terminal to reduce time for more sightseeing of Grand Cayman. The passenger will take a look at the highlights of Georgetown: First, downtown. All of the way you’ll hear a detailed explanation about the city and its history. Sites like Heroes’ Square, Georgetown Public Library, Peace Memorial and its beautiful tower clock, The Courthouse and Assembly Building, Tortuga Rum Cake Factory (with a complimentary sample of Rum Cake and liqueurs), amongst others. At the end of the tour: a 3-hour break at the world famous Seven Mile Beach. You can decide to relax behind an umbrella, hit the beach bars, enjoy the water sports options, or go shopping.

Courtesy of Wikipedia


The Cayman Islands has many out-of-this-world, bizarre and unique nature spots. A strange limestone rock formation painted in black, Caymanians have been calling it “Hell” for a while, perhaps to some fancied resemblance to the mountains of sulphur described in Hell. A curious and fun fact: you can stamp your passport with the word HELL in it. Afterwards, the tourists will cool off at Seven Mile Beach, the busiest beach in the world. Three hours later you have the option to visit the George Town Shopping District and use that 15% complimentary discount (most tour companies offer) on a few articles.

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Blue Horizons

You’ll walk underwater using specially designed Sea Trek helmet and suit, experience a sub-aquatic stroll in a zero gravity fashion at more than 25 feet. Sea Trek helmets are similar to space suits; compressed and air pumped, you’ll be completely dry and will be able to breathe without the use of a regulator or a mouthpiece. The guides will escort you to an undersea garden, all visitors will be able to observe the tropical marine life in a whole new way!


This safari is an eco-tour that embodies the meaning of what it could feel like to be a Caymanian. Share a particular moment with Mother Nature and paddle in your kayak at calm waters. Adventure into the tunnel and paths made naturally by the mangrove forests. You’ll find all kinds of new wildlife. Afterwards, an excursion boat picks the passengers up and heads onto Stingray City, so you can get your feet wet and interact with Cayman’s most popular attraction.

Bodden Town Mission House/ Courtesy of Wikipedia


Learn about the roots of the Cayman Islands by visiting various sites like Mission House, King George Watchtower, Peter St. James Castle, Heroes Square, the Public Library and the Legislative Assembly. The passenger will also explore homes and notable neighbourhoods like South Sound. Some sites like the Peter St. James Castle are the ones the tour guides like to elaborate in, talking about the social origins of the Islands, their constitution and the end of slavery.

Courtesy of Shore Exusioneer


Shore Excursioneer

This Diving Cruise Excursion will facilitate professional equipment and instructors. You will arrive at the Dive Center for registrations, learning to check your gear, learn the basics, and go over the dive plans of the day. Weather conditions select the possible locations on these excursions. Most definitely, it will be a guided wall diving at a maximum of 100 feet. When the first tank is empty, the crew will offer some refreshments and hydration so that the student can catch some rest. With the second tank, you will head on to a shallow reef or a shipwreck site. Get ready to witness Cayman Islands’ Marine Life Magic!


North Side

The name says it all. This company offers a variety of experiences for the tourist who loves and respects this gracious mammal. The “experiences” are several; it all depends on your swimming abilities and/or budget. You can swim with the dolphins, feed them and learn about them firsthand. Expect to spend about three hours at the park, and maybe 30 minutes to get there.


Carnival Cruise Line

This tour starts with a ride across the famous Seven Mile Beach and a brief stop at the Governor’s house. After that, a boat ride to Stingray City where you will encounter the majestic stingrays that thrive in the area, plus having the benefit of feeding them in the clear blue Caymanian waters. Then, a trip to Turtle Center, where you’ll get to visit the home and sanctuary for more than 8000 green sea turtles (from hatchlings to old 600-pound turtle). Here, visitors can interact with turtles and see facilities like the Breeding Pond. Another feature is the fantastic artificial salt-water lagoon, where you’ll swim with these turtles. There’s also the breathtaking Predator Tank, home of sharks and other savage creatures.

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