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Top 10 Restaurants in the Cayman Islands

You’ll find a complex mixture of gourmet, local dishes and international cuisine, Caribbean seafood and much more

By Paul Curtice | Updated: 14 November 2019

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Grand Old House Cayman Islands
Courtesy of Grand Old House

Here’s a selection which aims to include a vast variety of restaurant options that the Islands offer.

Blue by Eric Ripert Cayman Islands
Photo: Courtesy of Ritz Carlton Cayman Islands

Blue, by Eric Ripert

Seven Miles Beach

Inside the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman. By far the most exclusive, luxurious and sophisticated gastronomic experience you could ever experience on the Island. Internationally acclaimed seafood master chef Eric Ripert prepares nothing but sublime flavours for the diners. Using exquisite local seafood mixed with seasonal flavours and avant-garde techniques, personalised attention from servers and an artfully designed ambience make Blue the classiest option money can buy. Prepare for a unique experience. [Go to BLUE]

Restaurants in the Cayman Islands
Photo: The Wharf

The Wharf

George Town

With more than 30 years of activity and entertaining, The Wharf is one of the top Oceanside Restaurants. Its dining room and bar overlook the Caribbean Sea and Seven Mile Beach. Chef Christian Reiter and his team offer unique seafood gourmet cuisine as well as an international menĂº. Their wine cellar contains highly vintage winery. But the most unique feature The Wharf has to offer: the dancing. A lot of it goes on, and it complements the bar scene and most friendly staff. Lots of activities happen nightly here. Great DJ’s, a legendary Tarpon feeding twice in the evening. All at great prices. A must-visit if you want to experience the local nightlife. [Go to The Wharf]

Blue Cilantro Restaurant Cayman Islands
Photo: Courtesy of Blue Cilantro

Blue Cilantro

Seven Mile Beach

Chef Vidyadhara Shetty serves a dynamic Mediterranean and Asian fusion and organic menu, most of the time, experimenting with Caribbean flavours and exotic seasoning. For instance, Ravioli stuffed with Lobster and truffle oil, or the Shichimi Spiced Yellowfin Tuna. All of the dishes you’ll be served are 100% fresh and gluten-free. The place is stylish and elegant with a lounge atmosphere. Creative and healthy fusion all the way! [Go to Blue Cilantro]

Beach House Restaurant Cayman Islands
Courtesy of Westin Cayman Islands

Beach House

Inside The Westin, Seven Mile Beach

Two main environments: luxurious or casual. Like many other restaurants in Grand Cayman, Beach House takes advantage of the natural scenery and it is said to be one of the most romantic locales in Westin Grand Cayman due to its intimate atmosphere. Their speciality is “Coastal Cuisine” from the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Southern Asia foods. They also excel on preparations of duck, beef, lamb and pork sided with a varied and robust wine programme. If you want to confess your feelings to a significant other, this is your place! [Go to Beach House]

The Brasserie Cayman Islands
Courtesy of The Brasserie

The Brasserie

George Town

The most famous lobster restaurant in the Cayman Islands, the preferred one by the food connoisseurs. They thrive on the fact that every visit to The Brasserie is unique. The Chef Dean Max and the owners King and Lisa Flowers are keen on getting the finest local ingredients from the Islands and their fishing boats are always on the clock, searching for the best that Cayman’s waters have to offer. Most of their features are entirely home-made. Especially recommended for family gatherings; you can all share large plates while being entertained by the chef’s random acts of cooking and tasting. [Go to The Brasserie]

Grand Old House Cayman Islands
Courtesy of Grand Old House

Grand Old House

George Town

As the name points out, an old colonial plantation house from 1908 transformed into a luxury restaurant and a popular event venue. With many environments in its midst, you can sit oceanside or in a very exclusive private dining room. This is the home of various award-winning chefs, specialised in the Caribbean and international cuisine; cooked exclusively with local ingredients. Because of its vast dimensions, Grand Old House can host over 400 people. Most sought after for events such as weddings or corporate celebrations. A historic landmark with an extense cigar catalogue. [Go to Grand Old House]

Seymour's Jerk Centre Cayman Islands
Courtesy of Seymour’s Jerk Centre

Seymour’s Jerk Centre

George Town

One of the most authentic spots you could ever visit in the Caymans. It has over 30 years of existence and run by its creator Seymour Silburn. His speciality: authentic Jerk Chicken and Pork marinated with a secret recipe and cooked over a charcoal grill. This is a must-visit spot if you’re looking for the original Cayman Islands authentic experience. Sadly, his operations are now limited to only Friday and Saturday. Make sure you taste the pork! [Go to Seymour’s Jerk Centre]

Vivine's Kitchen Cayman Islands
Courtesy of Tom Lucas

Vivine’s Kitchen

East End

Another down-to-earth and charming classic is Miss Vivine’s house. Almost every tourist is being recommended to visit this spot on one point or another. Laid back and rustic, it is authentic and modest as it can be. Her speciality lies in its ingredients: fresh fish, conch, whelks, lobster and turtle. The fruit juices are one of the best! You can even eat a regular burger and fries, Caymanian style! You’ll be amazed by the breathtaking view Miss Vivine’s has set out for you in her backyard. It becomes an even pleasant experience if you have kids that love the outdoors. [Go to Vivine’s Kitchen]

La Vele Cayman Islands
Courtesy of La Vele

La Vele

George Town

An Italian restaurant on the waterfront. The biggest attraction is to have the best Italian food you could eat made by top chefs while your skin is being caressed by the warm breeze of the waterfront. Most of their ingredients come from the old country, as well as their authentic Italian oven. If you love Italian food, prepare to taste the best of it. [Go to La Vele]

Upstairs Restaurant Cayman Islands
Courtesy of Upstairs Restaurant

Upstairs Restaurant

Rum Point

Inside Kaibo. If your a fan of gourmet cuisine and an alternative spot to relax, chill or have pleasant conversations while you’re eating tapas, this is the one to pick. Awarded with a Michelin Star, it’s speciality is again: local seafood. What makes it so special is the popular tasting menu, served outdoors, a favourite feature. The Rare Rum Bar is where you make the most of your company. A unique selection of rum awaits you there as well as different comfortable accommodations. [Go to Upstairs Restaurant]

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