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Top 10 Outdoor Activities in Cayman

When you travel to the Caymans, you are really travelling to a unique land, and it is essential for you to acknowledge it before you choose how you’ll spend your time there

By Ewan McGordon | Updated: 14 November 2019

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Old Man Bay

Courtesy of Cayman Crystal Caves

Located in the middle of an abundant tropical forest, the Cayman Crystal Caves are crystallised rock formations (specifically Stalactite and Stalagmite rock) made by single drops of water falling for long periods of time, that have endured for centuries. The whole walk will last approximately about 45 minutes. After exploring the caves, take another nature hike through the unique tropical forest located above the caves. During the whole journey, you’ll witness one of a kind flora and fauna like the Strangler Balsam Trees, Air Plants, Parrots, Bats, etc. Cayman Crystal Caves


Shore Excursioneer

Courtesy of Shore Excursioneer

This is a 3-stop adventure that includes: Stingray Sandbar, Coral Gardens and Starfish Point Beach. Each destination marks a direct interaction with nature. First: Get in the water with the Stingrays. They may be wild, but for generations, they have been accustomed to be with humans of all ages. The boat will take you then to the Barrier Reef or Coral Gardens. Usually, all the snorkeling equipment will be provided to you so you can contemplate schools of tropical and colourful fish that make life amongst the coral and the calm waters. The grand finale: relaxing moments while chilling with the majestic Starfishes. By the end of your journey, people gather around and exchange experiences while taking amazing photos amongst these beautiful creatures. Shore Excursioneer


Reagan’s Honey Apiary

Hidden amongst the mangrove wetlands, you’ll find Reagan’s Honey Apiary. On your way there, you will have another chance for close encounters with the Island’s wildlife (native birds, waterfowl, iguanas). A professional beekeeper will educate you with all about the bees. Then, you will personally participate in his jobs such as honey harvesting; hive expansion, queen rearing and apiary design. In the end, you will get to take some local Cayman honey with you! Reagan’s Honey Apiary


Cayman Brac

Courtesy of Brac Scuba Shack

This is a custom diving crew, specialising in intimate diving and snorkeling experiences. Situated on Cayman Brac, they’re a friendly family operation that concentrates on guided adventures in small groups; this to ensure safety, personalised attention and to make sure your dives with them seem like a real life-changing experience. Cayman Brac offers about 30 dive sites, accessible from land and shore. Indeed recommended for the whole family to dive in Cayman Brac as a unit. Brac Scuba Shack


George Town

Courtesy of Cayman Custom Cycles

Riding a motorbike on the road is probably one of the most freeing experiences in the world. Imagine making some road trips in the Cayman Islands with a wide array of custom motorcycles for your choosing, a biker tour guide who knows every spot, a great lunch and the chance to see the whole island on top of a Harley. It does not get any better than this! Just remember to ride on the left side of the road! Cayman Custom Cycles


George Town

Many family-owned business in the Cayman Islands are dedicated to deep-sea sport fishing tours. Slackem Fishing Charters is one of them. Having a long 35 years of experience in the sport, they can accommodate sagacious knowledge of the best places to catch a fish in the Islands. All of their charters are private and offer deep-sea fishing, reef fishing, snorkeling, and journeys to the usual spots. If you are a real fisherman, be sure to look up the available species and their respective seasons (Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, etc.) Slackem Fishing Charters


Cayman Brac

Courtesy of Cayman Brac Climbing

This is the first rock climbing adventure tourism company in the Cayman Islands. Learn how to climb surrounded by the natural beauty of Cayman Brac; it offers magnificent limestone cliffs where this company does their rappel tour. They also do Nature Walks through the unique terrain of this Sister Island. These all-customizable packages that allow groups of all ages and fitness levels. The one thing that is important here is the will and spirit to experience the adventure. Cayman Brac Climbing


Barkers National Park

Courtesy of Cayman Horse Riding

By far, the most epic adventure you could ever have on the Islands. Picture yourself and your loved ones: the soft breeze combing your hair, a beautiful horse that runs like the wind, a sunset in the horizon while your horse gallops on the shore. Nicki, the founder and tour guide of this adventure manages all rides and horses. You will learn how to swim with the horses at sea, feed them and take leisurely sunset rides. The horses are full bread native, so it is most likely that they will guide you through hidden passages that even human guides could not get to. Great photo opportunities and a great experience altogether. These beautiful animals will move you deeply. Cayman Horse Riding


Grand Cayman

There is something for everyone here. High-speed adventures on Wave runners, Snorkeling on beautiful reefs, scuba diving on shipwreck sites, lounging in a water hammock, riding some Paddle Boards or Kayaks, or become the king of the beach and hop in The Jetovator; a contraction that’ll make you fly up to 25 feet at 25 mph. If you’re with the whole family, the instructors will brief you on the adventure each member desires. White Sand Water Sports


East End

Courtesy of ECO Rides

Nothing like riding a bicycle to witness the real beauty of East End. Guided tours from Eco Rides include a Lightweight FUJI hybrid bike, a helmet, water and a snack bar. While you exercise and experience key sightseeing areas, tour guides will provide you with the history of the East End. The tour routes are different and organised to visit neighboring locations. Some notable sights will include Colliers Wilderness Reserve, Colliers Public Beach, Wreck of the Ten Sails, The Lighthouse, Undiscovered Family Cave, The Blowholes, Lover’s Wall and much more! ECO Rides

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